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Here are images of original Takarazuka Revue programs.  They are difficult to come by, especially if you don't live in Japan.  Occasionally, Revue programs can be found on Internet auctions.  Japanese language.

Moon Troupe: West Side Story Program 1998.
Staring Tsubasa Makoto, Mai Kazahana, Jun Shibuki and Sakiho Juri.

Star Troupe: The Love at Dal Lake Program 1998.
Staring Saki Asaji, Yuri Hoshina, Kou Minoru and Rui Hazumi.

Cosmos Troupe: Gekijo/Revue '99 Program 1999.
Staring Tsubasa Makoto, Yuu Todoroki, Asato Shizuki (pictured above) and Yuu Emao.
The Cosmos Troupe is a special, because members are chosen from the other four Troupes.

Cosmos Troupe: Arabian Nights: Black Rose in Desert/GLORIOUS Program 2000.
Staring Asato Shizuki, Mari Hanafusa and Youka Wao.
L/R: Official Poster and Program.

Cosmos Troupe: The Rose Of Versailles Program 2001.

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